12 Gun Plain Shaker Style Gun Cabinet with Cleaning Shelf

12 Gun Plain Shaker style gun cabinet, Amish Custom Made with Cleaning Shelf

This Amish handcrafted oak gun cabinet was madefor a customer that was interest in storage and security but wanted to keep the style simple.  We designed a gun cabinet with clean shaker mission lines but still provided enough storage for his entire collection while not sacrificing security.

  Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_113414The 12 gun plain shaker style gun cabinet was crafted with clean straight lines with top mount doors and drawers with a standard mission round over edge in oak wood.

The shaker style stems from the lack of additional moldings and fairly plain details on the top, deck and base trim.

This 12 gun plain shaker style cabinet was made in oak wood with a slightly reddish stain. We have many many stain colors available as well as being able to match stains on other items of wood in your home.

Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_160921We used standard laminated glass with a arched top rail to subtly accent each of the upper gun cabinet doors without leaving the plainer shaker styling.  The laminated glass doors are breakable, but they do not shatter and fall out of the case when broken. They react like a car windshield taking considerable effort to get through.

The top doors were also fitted with a center cam lock to keep fingers and hands off of the gun display

Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_113317The top pullout of the lower section of the gun cabinet was fitted with a soft leather insert to protect his firearms and full extension ball bearing slides for smooth, strong operation.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_161043The top of the pull out was lined with genuine leather to provide a space to clean and work on your gun collection without fear of scratching your firearm or damaging the wood.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_112733The lower gun cabinet was Amish crafted with a pull out cleaning shelf at waist height, four smaller drawers for gun accessory and ammunition storage, and a large drawer for barrel storage.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_160955Each of the drawers in the custom gun cabinets lower section was Amish crafted with solid wood, dovetailed construction and installed with full extension ball bearing slides to hold up to the weight of all of our customers gun accessories.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_161107Each of the gun butt cut outs was lined with genuine leather and foam padding to protect the gun collection while providing a stable stand for the long guns. The soft leather helps prevent damage to the butt stocks as well as just looking good.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_161126The gun barrel rests were also lined with double stitched, matching genuine leather to prevent scratches to the gun barrels while adding a color accent.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_161213We then custom crafted a security bar of wood clad steel with a cam lock that once in place and locked, the steel on steel security prevents anyone from removing any of the long gun from the gun cabinet even if the doors were breached.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_161114The top of the gun cabinet in front of the barrel rests was custom crafted with a wood clad steel bar that rest along the sides and the back of the gun cabinet.

The lower bar was installed at trigger guard height to prevent guns being slid beneath the lock bars.

Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_161852While it wasn’t custom crafted for archery supplies we decided to place a Hoyt Faktor 34 bow into the cabinet to see what else could be displayed in the gun cabinet. Cabinet sidewalls or the space above shorted guns can also be used for pistol and knife display.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_162037After placing our Hoyt Faktor 34 into the cabinet and taking a few photos we decided that using the standard Amish gun cabinet top dimensions we would be able to beautifully display both compound bows and standard long guns easily.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_162134Twelve of the long guns in the Amish custom gun cabinet are displayed at a 45 degree angle to allowing better viewing of all of the guns features. We commonly set gun displays at a 15 or 30 degree angle. In larger cases is overall size is available we can angle guns outward and inward in two groups for an interesting display
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_162701The pull out gun cleaning and long gun assembly shelf was custom crafted at height that makes it accessible and usable.
gun plain shaker Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_162118
gun plain shaker

Lastly, we custom crafted the gun cabinet with LED touch puck lighting providing a warm light to show off our clients complete gun collection without sacrificing the security of a gun safe.

Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_162635As with all of our Amish custom made gun cabinets, it wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t get a stamp of approval from our gun cabinet canine critic, Loki.

12 gun plain shaker style gun cabinets can be custom made in various woods and stains to your specifications. Call or email us with your thoughts.