Custom Corner Gun Cabinet

Custom Corner Gun Cabinets

We custom craft numerous different styles and setups when it comes to our Amish custom crafted gun cabinet but when this corner gun cabinet was completed it was definitely a show stopper.  With its solid brown maple construction, walnut stain, LED lighting, mirrored back, and rotisserie display this gun is sure to become a room centerpiece and will make a heirloom that will be passed down to future generations.

McCready-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-153812Full length arched top glass on the door and sides and mirrored back let you view you complete gun collectMcCready-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-153830ion from all angles.  Corner gun cabinets can be crafted with or without the mirrored back and glass can be substituted with laminated glass or poly carbonate to add even more security for your gun collection.


This corner gun cabinet came standard with dovetailed full extension bottom drawers.  It was crafted with optional BluMotion side mount slides on the bottom drawers for soft, self closing action.


Often the back walls will be wood panel or shiplap lumber rather than the mirror used here with mounts for additional long guns or other collectibles such as knives or pistols.


McCready-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-153932This Custom Corner 12 Gun Cabinet was custom crafted with LED strip lighting with touch control to providing a loCustom Corner 12 Gun Cabinetw heat lighting solution with little to no maintenance needed.


Close up view of the ball bearing manual rotisserie display providing a smooth rotating display of your complete long gun collection.


Our Amish crafted corner gun cabinets can be handcrafted to fit your entire gun collection. This gun cabinet was made to display a 12 gun collection but could be crafted to display a larger collection as well as display pistols or archery supplies. It was 39″ along each wall.

McCready-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-171712It wouldn’t be a perfect cabinet unless we got our resident canine critic Loki’s approval. He liked it.
You can see some of our other Amish custom corner gun cabinets on our Custom Gun Cabinet page.  We have been custom crafting gun cabinets for over 3 decades and have always found that corner gun cabinets give a great way to get a full display cabinet for all of your long guns, pistols, and archery equipment while utilizing an unused corner in your room.

When designing a corner gun cabinet we remind clients to remember that the corner gun cabinet is usually deeper than a standard gun cabinet.  Be sure to measure from the corner to the spot on the wall you want your cabinet to extend.  The gun cabinet can then be made with either a flat front that extends from the two points straight across or can be custom crafted with angled “wings” similar to the gun cabinet shown above.  Creating your corner gun cabinet with 3 angled front display sections allows even more gun storage since it gives noticeably more square inches of internal display space.