Amish Custom Profile Gun Cabinet with Angled Display Base

Amish Custom Profile Gun Cabinet with Display Base

Custom profile gun cabinets are a mainstay in our custom gun cabinet production. While all of our Amish custom made gun cabinets are crafted with display in mind sometime we have a client that has a special item they want to showcase in addition to the “bulk” display.  This is where our display bases come into play to display a highlight of their collection.

This particular custom profile gun cabinet was Amish custom made for a customer that wanted to display his shotgun collection in full profile as well as provide a special spot for the treasured box set of his special guns.  Not only did we craft a gorgeous gun cabinet to display everything, we did it in a new design that allowed us to put a staggered profile display while fitting 9 gunsssssssss in a smaller space.

   Front view of our Amish custom profile gun cabinet made in solid cherry wood with lower angled display and locking base drawer. AmishProfile Gun Cabinet in cherry
Hodge-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-3Close up view of the staggered gun butt and barrel rests that provided a way to display a side profile of each gun in our clients beautiful gun collection

The case could only hold 9 shotguns in what would otherwise be a 12 gun size, but all nine guns are view-able in full profile yet easily accessible. This particular display pattern does consume a bit more width for a given number of long guns, but allows beautiful wood grain or engravings to be highlighted.

We have subsequently built many gun cabinets based on this full profile in as many as 17 long guns in full profile.

Hodge-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-ButtrestPicture of the gun cabinet interior before we install the rolled leather lined butt rests and the barrel support bar.  The stain and grain on the solid cherry panel back can be seen in this photo.
Hodge-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-x1Close up of the angled, drop front display in the lower gun cabinet base.  We lined the cabinet with genuine premium leather and installed LED lights that are connected to the touch pad that control the lights in the upper cabinet.

The lower drop front display area is one we often add to gun cabinets to displaay pistols, knives or other collectibles. We include LED lighting and often a soft leather floor to cusion you display.

Hodge-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-162738Both the upper gun cabinet display and the lower gun cabinet base came standard with keyed cam locks to provide extra security for our clients long gun collection.
Hodge-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-162631Each of the gun butt rests of this Amish custom gun cabinet was lined with hand stitched , rolled premium leather and a layer of leather was installed under the butt rest plate to provide maximum protect to the wood on the shotguns, not for these particular shooters, but for our clients finer weapons..
 Hodge-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-2After the lower gun butt rest board had been lined with hand stitched premium leather and the upper barrel rests were leather lined we now had a finished gun cabinet.
 Hodge-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-1The finished Amish custom crafted gun cabinet in our customers home proudly displaying his entire shotgun collection.
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