Amish Custom Crafted AK-47 Display

Custom Wall Hanging AK-47 Gun Cabinet

The Wood Loft Amish Custom Furniture team loves working with our customers on creating the perfect gun cabinet to display their different gun collections.  We have custom crafted gun cabinets for antique muskets, blunderbusses, a wide variety of new and old pistol displays, fishing and archery equipment, and even sword collections, but this was the first time we had a request for a Amish crafted gun display cabinet for a gold plated AK-47.  This is a custom gun cabinet that we were looking forward to getting custom crafted.

On the first cabinet we crafted we decided to hinge a single, laminated glass, wood framed door on the top of a normale solid wood case with double cam locks on the bottom.  While it was a gun display cabinet first and foremost the client wanted easy access so that he could get the gun cabinet out easily when he wanted to show it off.  After getting the cabinet from our Amish craftsmen and setting it up in our store we decided that with the solid wood sides and the wood frame that it just didn’t give us the amount of display to really show off the AK-47.  So we went back to the drawing board and designed a cabinet with dual laminated glass doors on the front  and laminated glass sides so that the gun could be viewed from all angles and still allow it to be locked up and easily opened by the client.

Our first AK-47 cabinet design featured a dual cam locked, top hinged door with a solid wood frame shown here with the door open (up.)
This is what the first cabinet looked like with the front door down and locked.  While we liked the overall appearance it just didn’t give us the amount of display we would want if we were displaying our own gold plated AK-47.
Our Amish custom crafted AK-47 gun cabinet in all of its glory proudly showing off our clients gold plated AK-47.
Our wall hanging gun cabinet was crafted using a red tincture to match our customers AK-47 butt and pistol grip and then lined with black velvet to really showcase the gun.
Our customers main concern was to keep everyday fingerprints off of his gun.  Since he had the gun displayed in a secure room we originally thought of using standard glass but ended up opting for laminated glass to provide more security to the overall custom wall hanging gun display.
We had the gun cabinet Amish custom crafted with a deeper display to accommodate the larger drum magazine that the AK-47 was going to be displayed with as well as provide display room for the standard magazine and accessories.
We finished this custom gun cabinet with LED strip lights with a touch control pad on the bottom so that there was plenty of lighting to showcase the gun as well as allow our customer to turn the lights on and off without opening the cabinet.
Full view display of our Amish custom crafted gun display with the gold plated AK-47 and all of its accessories in place on our customers wall.