Drawer Bases- Amish Custom Gun Cabinets

Amish Custom Gun Cabinet Drawer Bases

We have calls for many varieties of base units under both custom long gun cabinets and custom pistol displays. Most common gun cabinets offer a simple door and possibly a shelf below for locked storage of cases, boxes and supplies.

However most of our custom work goes much farther in offerings.

Start with various locking drawer bases of any height, width and number.

100_3604 Feb-4-10_13_
5drw w shelf base oak 30 inch 4drw base walnut
Nichols-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-154006 <= over 60″ wide

Include a cleaning or show shelf if desired.

100_3605 100_3607

Locking doors can be mixed into your lower unit with shelves or concealed drawers or both hidden behind.

BP062709_003 100_3661

Steel locking “safe” doors can be included behind locking lower doors again with shelves or drawers for an additional layer of security.


We can set the drawers/shelves/storage into any configuration you need to conceal or store any variety of “stuff.” Nichols-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-153858We have included fly rod case inserts, sloped pistol display inserts and others we failed to take pix of. If you have a special need, let us know.