Custom Gun and Safe Room

Custom gun and safe room design speaks quality and security.

Combine our Amish quality cabinetry with unique designs to match the customers special space, and then provide the additional layers of security with our concealed doors, laminated glass, solid wood construction and steel locking bars.

Starting with basic room dimensions, we designed this room to address the collectors needs for display and storage. Using cherry wood and matching large wall panels in another room, this safe room displays a collection in both vertical display with a work shelf on the deeper side and a narrow side with horizontal display for variety and to fit the thinner space along the entry wall.

safe room
custom safe room understorage Custom brass barrel brace

If you want to conceal the entry to your safe room or storage area, pivoting panels or book cases are the way to go. Build in one section or multiples in any size. Styles and trims can be matched to any wood, stain or decor.

This recent project which we installed here in the Midwest, featured 10′ tall to the soffit, Hard Maple cabinetry, leaded glass with LED lighting, and built in construction. We matched the size and design to the provided architect’s plan and the wood/stain to the interior decorators vision. This project included a number of other large specialized units to complete the room including a large display gun cabinet, executive desk, entertainment units and built in credenza wok and storage space.

bookcase with hidden french doors Hidden safe room

Smooth pivoting hardware on the leaded glass display sections allows access, once unlocked, with one hand operation to the center two sections behind which is the gun and safe room.

Custom units such as these can be supplied sized to your space, with all the necessary trims, ready to install with minimum difficulty by any experienced contractor. If desired, we have experienced installers that we can recommend.