Amish Custom Crafted Pistol/Long Gun Display

Amish Custom Crafted Pistol/Long Gun Wall Display

We have crafted dozens of custom wall hanging gun cabinets over the 30 years we have been building Amish cabinets.  Each customer has different collections that they want to display.  We have crafted wall hanging gun cabinets for pistols, rifles, muskets, swords, and many different combinations of firearms.  A majority of the time our gun cabinets are custom crafted and then the trigger locks and/or display pegs are installed by us before shipping but occasionally we have orders where the client just isn’t quite sure the exact display arrangement they are interested in.  Below are some photos of a standard 14 pistol wall hanging gun cabinet with no trigger locks installed that we took some time to see what different gun display arrangements we could show off.


This is our standard 14 pistol wall hanging gun display with the standard trigger locks pre-installed in a standard pattern.

These standoff trigger locking mounts are securely screwed into or thru the back of the cabinet. and can be positioned for any display layout to suit your collection.

The standoff mounts can be either keyed alike or supplied with



Our standard wall hanging pistol display cabinet completely empty and ready to go to our customers home in Ohio to be set up with their gun collection. As we were shipping this unit without mounts, we decided to experiment with various display mixes while still here in our display room.

Conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-100_3733Our wall hanging pistol display showcasing a set of 5 long guns.  The standard pistol cabinet had room enough to show off the 5 long guns but can be Amish custom made to larger or smaller dimensions to fit any number of guns or any particular gun size.

conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-100724Front view of our Amish crafted pistol display with long guns in place and the LED touch lighting turned on.

We can supply stained wood pegs or stand off trigger locking mounts for installation after delivery.

Conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-100_3746Our custom gun cabinet laid out to display a combination of long guns and pistols in a sectional display with the pistols displayed on the top and the long gun displayed on the bottom.

If you wish us to pre-install mounts in special patterns for your collect we will need a pattern, best drawn by you on a large sheet of butcher or wrapping paper out lining each item in place.

Conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-100_3737Our custom wall hanging pistol display laid out with a staggered display with long guns places in the cabinet and pistols arranged around the long guns in a spacing that allows for more of our gun collection displayed.

Long guns can be displayed on pegs or trigger mounts with an added barrel support. Pistols can be also displayed either way.

conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-101353Close up view of the back of our pistol display cabinet.  In this picture you can see the bomber brown genuine leather backing and layout ideas for displaying a mixed collection of firearms.
Conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-100_3742A side view of our standard solid cherry wall hanging pistol display.  In this picture you can see the solid wood raised panel sides.
Conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-100_3747Angled view of our custom pistol display with LED touch lighting on the top and bottom of the gun cabinet to provide lighting throughout the entire cabinet.
Conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-100_3760Side view of our Amish custom pistol display cabinet showcasing the raised panel side panels and dentil molding top.
conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-101233Close up view of our Dentil molding top and rope accent trim on this cabinet.
conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-102301Our custom wall hanging gun display cabinet was Amish crafted with dentil molding, rope molding accents, and fluted column side rails.