Custom Gun Cabinet and Entertainment Center
Specialty Designed Gun Cabinets
Corner Gun Cabinet with lower Quail Display The Woodloft is proud to introduce their new Custom Pistol Display Case

Everyone has their own area and design in mind when designing a cabinet to display and protect your gun collection.  We have the ability to help you make your dream and ideas a reality.  We deal directly with local Amish craftsmen who specialize in using only the finest materials.

All of our gun cabinets are created 25gun NMfrom solid hardwoods such as oak, hickory, cherry, walnut, maple, and quarter sawn.  Your gun cabinet with be made with your dimensions, styles, and setups.  You can choose the number of long guns it will hold as well as their placement in the cabinet such as vertical or horizontal or angled for full gun display.  You can also choose from over a dozen different door and drawer styles as well as design a style that fits in with your current decor.  Drawer and door placement as well as cabinet contents can be changed around to give you the gun cabinet configuration you desire.  We have craft gun cabinets with gun safes, false storage drawers, locks, glass fronts or sides, bird displays, pistol and knife displays, ammunition storage, and much much more.

Below are some of the custom gun cabinets we have crafted for people.  Included are a few pieces we have created that go along with the gun cabinets.  Feel free to look through our pictures and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas or designs that you may have.

Oak Custom Gun Cabinet
Oak Gun Cabinet with Raised
Panel Doors and Drawers
Walnut Gun Cabinet with Etched Glass
Walnut Gun Cabinet with
Etched Glass
 Top and Pistol Display Case
Gun Rack for Closet Storage 
Oak Gun Rack Custom Built
for Closet Storage of Rifles
and Shotguns
Gunsafe with Roll Top Doors 
Oak Gun Cabinet with
Roll top Doors Open
One Roll Top Door Closed 
Oak Gun Cabinet with
Bottom Roll Top Closed
Both Roll Top Doors Closed on Oak Gun Cabinet
Both Top and Bottom Roll
Tops Closed
Oak Gun Cabinet with Pheasant Display 
Custom Oak Gun Cabinet with
Lower Display with Pheasants
Oak Corner Gun Cabinet with Quail Display
Oak Corner Gun Cabinte with
Quail Display in Lower Unit
Oak 6 Gun Chimney Cabinets 
Standard Oak 6 Gun
Chimney Gun Cabinets
Walnut Gun Cabinet with pistol display 
Walnut 6 Gun Cabinet with
Lighted Pistol Dispay
Close up of walnut pistol display 
Close Up of Lower Pistol
Display in Walnut Cabinet

Cherry 26 gun wall desk.

The Woodloft and Villa Amish Custom furniture is also proud to provide everything needed to complete your hunting room or game room. We can provide custom molding, cabinetry, bars, and bookcases. See some of the custom pieces that have been made here in the Illinois Amish country.