About Us

The Wood Loft and Villa Amish Custom Furniture, located in the heart of the Illinois Amish country, has been custom crafting furniture for over 3 decades. Our niche is that we represent many of the small, quality Amish woodworking shops.  The countryside surrounding Arthur is dotted with numerous Amish cottage industries dedicated to making only the highest quality of furniture.  Unfortunately, due to religious beliefs the Amish do not like publicize themselves and prefer minimal contact with the “English” world.  We provide you, as the customer, a way to create quality hardwood furniture while honoring the Amish craftsman’s need for separation.

We have proudly crafted custom gun cabinets and custom gun safes  for customers through out the country for over two decades.  All of our custom gun cabinets and custom gun safes are hand crafted by Amish woodworkers.  We work directly with the local craftsmen to create the piece that works perfectly for you and your home.  We offer a large selection of gun cabinets and solid wood gun safes on our showroom floor and we offer you the ability to customize your piece in any way you would like.

We use the finest select hardwoods for all of our gun safes and custom gun cabinets.  You can choose from cherry, hickory, walnut, maple, oak, and quarter sawn.  We also stain your piece in your choice of colors and finishes.  We can custom match any piece you currently have to provide the perfect match with the rest of your room.

We are gun owners and hunters. We appreciate your desire to safely and securely display your collection. From safe rooms to free standing anchored cabinetry, from modern firearms to collectible antiques, hand guns to Kentucky long rifles, we can help with good looking and pretty secure display ideas. Toward that end we offer and recommend numerous levels of security, from trigger locks and basic door locks to steel reinforced cabinetry with impact resistant glass to unbreakable polycarbonate. We can’t protect from fire, but we can sure slow down burglars.

The Woodloft is your one stop furniture store that can help you design furniture for every room of the house.  We specialize in custom tables, chairs, hutches, buffets, entertainment centers, bedroom suites, and office suites as well as our custom gun safes and gun cabinets.  We are downtown Arthur’s largest showroom of locally custom made Amish furniture.