Amish Custom Rustic Cherry 14 Pistol Wall Cabinet

Amish Custom Made Rustic Cherry Pistol Wall Cabinet

Below is a one of our standard size 14 pistol wall hanging gun cabinet Amish custom made out of solid rustic cherry hardwood.  The customer was going to display his pistol collection in a fairly secure area and only required plain glass on the display front.  After doing a bit of research we decided to upgrade the front to laminated glass for a bit of extra security of theft prevention.  The customer chose camel color premium leather to accent the the rustic cherry hardwood with Medium stain.  The rustic cherry was chosen since it contains a higher tolerance of grain variations with occasional knots and mineral marks giving the wood a life of its own.

Our finished pistol cabinet after glass, leather, and wall mounted trigger locks have been installed.
Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-023We can’t send off one of our wall hanging pistol cabinets without loading it up with our collecting and snapping some photos.  This is a picture of our Amish made rustic cherry pistol cabinet with 14 pistols installed on the wall mounted trigger locks and with the LED touch lighting installed and turned on.
Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-030Close up of our wall mounted trigger locks.  All of the trigger locks are keyed the same and are screwed into the solid wood back to prevent easy removal of pistols from the wall cabinet.
The pistols are display with each row alternating in direction.  This allows the display of all shapes and sizes of firearms.  From 7″ barrel Uberti cowboy revolvers to small S&W Bodyguard .380 pocket guns.    For longer pistols with heavier barrels we can even install metal strip behind the leather allowing the use of magnetic barrel supports to keep you collection look
Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-022Front shot of our Amish custom made cherry pistol cabinet with no pistols on display.  We used a light tan leather back to allow the pistol collection to be the main focal point of the cabinet interior. Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-025Our custom pistol wall cabinet with 14 pistols installed in all shapes and sizes.  We included small pocket pistols and large revolvers to show the wide assortment of guns that can be displayed and protected.
Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-013Each of the wall mounted trigger locks in screwed to the solid wood back with two stainless steel screws.


Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-014Once the trigger lock mounting back has been installed it provides a clean mounting surface for the locking mechanism to bolt.  No screws can be seen from either the front of the cabinet or the back of the cabinet.
Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-015Once the wall mounted pistol trigger lock backing is attached the locking mechanism is bolted to the front.  The locking mechanism back and front both come with rubber pads to protect your pistol as well as hold it snugly into place. Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-008This pistol cabinet we had Amish custom crafted with 1/4″ laminated glass bypass sliding doors.  One of the doors was then drilled for a chrome plunger lock to prevent the doors from opening when the plunger was engaged.
Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-002This Amish made pistol cabinet was crafted with an opening along the upper molding to allow easy concealment of all of the wiring for the LED touch lights. Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-003
The back of the wall mounted pistol display case had a solid support frame to allow mounting in the location of the customers choice.  Due to the weight of the solid cherry wood, glass, and the displayed pistols we wanted to make sure that the cabinet was going to be installed securely into wall studs.
Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-017Picture of our customers finished custom made cherry pistol wall display after the leather, trigger locks, glass, and lights have been completely installed.  After a light dusting it is ready to be loaded up on a trip to its new home in Texas. Ciesla-Amish-Pistol-Display-Cabinet-019Of course, as with all of our Amish made custom gun cabinets we had to make sure it met the approval of our resident gun cabinet canine critic, Loki.


Remember, your custom made wall hanging pistol display can be Amish handcrafted in the size, wood, and style of your choosing.  We offer a wide assortment of solid hard woods such as oak, cherry, hickory, maple, walnut, and quartersawn along with the rustic version of a majority of the hardwoods.  There is also a large array of premium leather colors to choose from to match the wood and stain that you choose.  We have custom crafted pistol display cases in dozens of different styles and setup for pistol. long guns, knife collects and more.

There is also a large selections of security levels for your pistol and gun collection.  The above Amish pistol display cabinet was crafted with standard solid rustic cherry surround with a laminated glass bypass doors.  The next level of security would b3e steel angle supports along the back and corners to help secure the cabinet to the studs in your wall. For maximum security we would exchange the laminated glass bypass doors for 1/2″ smash proof polycarbonate.

We encourage you to contact us to discuss the different options available for your custom gun cabinet.  You can use our email form or feel free to call us at 217-543-2766 and talk to one of our gun cabinet professionals.