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We specialize in building custom gun cabinetry, with fine Amish made quality, to your specifications.  Long guns, pistols, swords or any combination or items. You can choose a style, wood, and stain that fits your current decor and future needs.  When filling out the contact form we encourage you to be descriptive as you can about the type and style of custom gun cabinet you are searching for.  The main pieces of information that help us get you a proper bid is the wood you want the gun cabinet built out of, the general dimensions you require, the number of guns you want to store or display, and the general level of security your location requires. If one of the images on this site or another site appeals to you, try to include the url of that image and we will have a better idea of what you are thinking of.

Ph 217-543-2766   9am-5pm M0nday thru Saturday CST


Some information that is nice to have but not required when asking questions about a Amish custom made gun cabinet is wood, style, and color.  All of our custom gun cabinets and pistol displays are Amish handcrafted out of solid woods such as red oak, hickory, cherry, maple, walnut, and quarter sawn white oak.  If you have a certain wood you are interested in let us know and we can price it appropriately.  After you choose the wood you want your custom gun cabinet crafted out of then give us an idea of the color you are leaning towards.  If you have a piece in your house you are interested in matching feel free to snap a photo of the piece and email us the picture and we can usually match it up to one of your stain samples here in our store.  Lastly the general style you are leaning towards will help us price you custom gun cabinet.  Some examples of styles are Mission, shaker, Queen Anne, contemporary, classic, and country style.  If you happened to see a style on our gun cabinet website or you happened to visit another site with the perfect gun cabinet picture please include a URL and we will help you custom make the perfect piece.