Premium Leather Choices in Custom Amish Gun Cabinets

Premium Leather Choices.

We often include Amish hand stitched leather accents in our Amish crafted custom gun cabinets.

Full leather cabinet backs, leather drawer or case bottoms, leather inserts in pull out work shelves, leather faced barrel rests, or beaded leather stock mounts are common uses.  The use of premium leather along the long gun butt and barrel rests not only adds a beautiful accent to your custom gun cabinet but provides protection from scratches or distressing during handling of you gun collection.

Examples of all of these can be seen across the pictures on our site. Let us know the area of interest and we’ll send you pictures or specific links to look at.

Shown below are swatches of our leather offerings that we try to keep in stock. Additional colors are available. If you wish we can send samples of these when you order to confirm your choice.

Dark Oak
Bark Brown
Texas Brown









Our Standard Stain Colors can be viewed here