Amish Custom Gun Cabinet Shipping

The Wood Loft and The Villa Amish Custom Gun Cabinets works with local shippers, freight shippers, and bids out shipping to different private shippers to find the economical shipper as well as one who will get your gun cabinet to you in perfect condition.  We encourage all of our customers to discuss different shipping options with us as well as provide as much information as you can on your location so that we can start the bidding process and give you shipping prices right at the very beginning.  Also if you have a shipper you have used in the past and would like to use them let us know and we will help you schedule your custom gun cabinet with the shipper of your choice.

There are different levels of shipping that are usually offered from most shippers.  The most economical is curbside shipping.  Here shippers will usually bring your gun cabinet to your location but then it is up to you and friends to unload the cabinet and relocate it into your house.  Due to the size of some of our Amish custom gun cabinets we recommend that you have some friends to help you unload your cabinet and get it set up properly.  Keep in mind that in some cases the shipper will have a lift gate which will lower the gun cabinet down and sometimes there will be no lift gate so that is why it is nice to have some help to unload.

The next level is blanket wrapped or inside delivery.  This is the level that the majority of our customers use. Here the shipper will unload your cabinet and then place it into your house.  The most expensive level of delivery is white glove delivery.  Here the shipper will unload the furniture,  take the gun cabinet into your house,  unwrap the gun cabinet, set the gun cabinet in the location of your choosing, and then remove all packing supplies.

No matter what level of delivery you choose to go with we always encourage to to inspect your gun cabinet for any damage that may have occurred in the shipping process.  All of the shippers we use no matter what level you require are licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure that your Amish crafted gun cabinet reaches you in perfect condition.  If you find any problems or damage to your custom gun cabinet make sure to note the damage on the shippers waybill.   We also encourage you to take photos of the damage while the shipper is on site to document any flaws.  If the shipper refuses to remain on site while you are inspecting be sure to make a note of that on the waybill.  Once the waybill is signed and the shipper leaves it becomes much harder to properly file a claim.  If you sign the waybill and find a problem later it will be the responsibility of the customer to cover all costs with getting the custom gun cabinet back to us and then redelivered. That is why we stress to look everything over when it is delivered.

Lastly we always always encourage our clients to snap photos of their new Amish made custom gun cabinet once they get it set up and have their collection displayed.  We always try to take photos here in our store before the gun cabinet leaves but we love to see it in it’s new home.