Security Options

Safety and security are a main concern with us when we craft our gun cabinetry. There are many different options you can choose from for your Amish custom crafted gun cabinet.  There are different solid hardwoods to choose from, different moldings you can select, a wide array of drawer and door panels, and hundreds of other design aspects you can change to fit your needs and dreams.  One last customization that usually doesn’t affect the overall appearance but makes a big impact on your custom gun cabinet or wall hanging pistol cabinet are the different security choices you can customize.  There are different types of glass, different lock types and lock locations, different types of long gun and pistol security measures to prevent gun removal, and hidden steel doors.  Your gun cabinet can be Amish custom handcrafted to be purely for display purposes or can be crafted to provide nearly as much security as a steel gun safe.

   Types of Display Glass
 plain glassStandard glass panes provide basic security to keep small fingers and casual contact away from your gun collection.
lamited safety glassLaminted safety glass is created by bonding together layers of glass with a layer of resin under high heat and pressure.  Because of the bonding process this provides more protection for your gun collection than the standard glass panes. While the glass itself can be cracked and broken, it does not come apart, thanks to the lamination layer. Think auto windshield glass.
polycarbonatePolycarbonate is created with a thermoplastic polymer that is molded into different thickness sheets.  Polycarbonate comes with different brands such as Makrolon or Lexan.  Polycabonate provides much more security that can take up to 70 times more impact resistant that standard glass.  Using polycarbonate on your Amish custom gun cabinet or pistol display cabinet will provide the top level of dispaly security. Our 1/2 icnh thick polycarb will turn a 38 caliber at close range.
Everything from the standard glass to the impact resistant polycarbonate comes in different thickness choices.  Thickness does also increase overall security of your gun cabinet.


Locking Security Bars – One way to add additional security to your Amish custom made long gun cabinet is to add locking security bars to the interior of the cabinet.  The locking security bars prevent your long guns, rifles, shotguns, or even archery equipment from being removed if someone does decide to breach your cabinet.  The gun bars are usually install in two locations, closely fit along the barrel on the upper interior of the gun cabinet and along the trigger guard on the lower cabinet. This prevents would be robbers from from accessing your gun cabinet then angling the guns side to side in order to pull the guns out.
MW-Amish-Furniture-Gun-Cabinet-inside-l#2859EDThis picture shows our solid wood locking gun bar.  This gun bar using a standard barrel lock and provides a hard rigid structure that, while not unbreakable, would deter most would be robbers and helps prevents removal of your gun collection.
Cook-Amish-Gun-Cabinet_161139This picture shows our wood clad steel locking bar.  The wood along the back sides and the bar along the front contains a solid piece of welded steel that connects on one side and contains a locking barrel lock on the other.  The steel bars are then clad in solid hardwood matching the rest of your cabinet to provide maximum security while adding to the overall beauty of your Amish custom gun cabinet.
Case design and Steel Reinforced cabinetry

Conboy-Amish-Gun-Cabinet-100_3759If you desire the maximum cabinet integrity while retaining the beauty of fine wood cabinets, we can reinforce our gun cabinetry with steel angles. While our standard solid wood construction includes wood to wood screwed and glued joints, with tools, time and effort, the cabinets can be pried apart. With the cabinets made in this reinforced fashion, it becomes a matter of complete destruction to access the secured display.  It becomes extremely difficult to remove a cabinet from a wall. This is a back view of one of our pistol display cabinets.  On this cabinet we installed angled steel on the top and bottom of cabinet so that the cabinet could be secured through the steel into the studs in our customers wall for extra security.

Door Locks

 We almost never build a gun cabinet with out basic security. We offer many types of door locks for our Amish custom gun cabinets and wall hanging pistol display cases.  Depending on our clients gun cabinet security needs we can install standard latch locks, plunger locks, keyed locks, number coded locks, and much much more.  Our locks range from standard locks that keep small hands from your gun collection to pick proof double edged key locks install in polycarbonate to prevent would be thieves from stealing your antique long gun collection.
 Plunger Lock
Standard plunger lock used on most of our custom wall hanging pistol cabinets.  This lock consists of a metal peg that protrudes through the glass or polycarbonate that when the key is turned detaches preventing your pistol cabinet doors from bypassing. Very secure when used with 3/8 or 1/5 in polycarb unbreakable doors.
push lockAnother plunger lock we use on quite a few of our Amish custom wall hanging pistol cabinets and on some of long gun cabinets that are crafted with bypass doors.  This lock works by inserting the key pressing in which will engage a plunger in the back preventing bypass doors from crossing behind. Again, very secure on polcarb or reinforced lam glass doors.
trigger lockAn extra security lock we use on our custom pistol display cabinets.  The hanging trigger lock can be ordered as a 3 number combination lock or a standard keyed trigger lock.  In high security cases the trigger lock can be mounted through a metal plate to add more security for your pistol collection.