FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your Amish Custom gun cabinets better than gun cabinets on other websites and stores?
1  Quality – All of our custom gun cabinets and solid wood gun safes are Amish handcrafted to fine furniture standards using select hardwoods and time tested crafting techniques to provide you with an heirloom quality cabinet that is made to last for generations to come.  The Amish stand behind their construction and guarantee the quality.  Quality wood crafting is rewarding to use and to look at …forever.
2. Security – All our cabinets  are constructed with multiple levels of protection for you prized firearms. First all of the doors and drawers can be lockable to deter the curious. Second, w
e also offer multiple levels of security in the form of safety glass.  From laminated glass to full bulletproof  polycarbonate, we offer the ability for you to choose the level of protection your gun collection deserves. Lastly, we have a custom wood clad steel locking bar system we offer for long gun cabinetry. For pistol cabinetry we recommend individual locking trigger standoff mounts for pistol placement and security.
3. Customization – We offer complete customization.  Dimensions, wood, color, style, and all other aspects of your custom gun cabinet can be completely redesigned by you.  You can choose from one of our standard styles or tell us detail by detail how you would like your cabinet designed and make it one of a kind to fit your room.

Do you offer delivery of your gun cabinets? 
We have had our custom gun cabinets and gun safes delivered all over the United States.  There is a fee involved in the delivery of all of our custom cabinets.  If you live within the state of IL we use one of our local delivery contractors.  The fee for delivery nearby is usually easily figured by taking the mileage one way time the current price of gas to get the charge for shipping.  If you live outside of the state of Illinois we use freight lines to deliver.  Your cabinet is heavily blanket wrapped and than delivered to your door or into your gun room.  The price for freight varies but usually seems to run no more than $450-$550.  We will discuss shipping with you and try to get a price set before your order.  We always ask that all shipping to and from the customer is at the customers expense.  We don’t want to imply that there is free shipping.

Is your furniture really Amish made?
All of our custom gun cabinets and gun safes cabinets are 100% Amish made.  We deal directly with small Amish woodworking shops right here in the Illinois Amish country.  We do not  buy from factories or warehouses.  All of our cabinets are made to order one by one so that we can provide the best quality and assurances that you are having a one of a kind gun cabinet made directly for you with your dimensions and woods.  We have been dealing with local Amish craftsmen for three decades and have thousands of satisfied customers from throughout the United States.

Do I have to come into your store to order?
While we always enjoy having a chance meet people face to face we do have a large amount of sales that are done with people from out of state.  We will converse with you over the phone, e-mail, and USPS mail to make sure you get the exact piece you were dreaming of.  We will also send drawing and stain samples to assure designs and colors that meet your expectations.  On all orders, whether in store or over the phone, we do require a 20% deposit with the remainder of the balance due upon completion.  If you are planning on picking up your gun cabinet in person, then the balance is due on pickup.  If the piece is being delivered to you then the balance due is paid before the piece is shipped out.

I found a gun cabinet at another website/store that is cheaper than yours.  Why is that?
Since we deal directly with the craftsmen and not through a middle man warehouse we try to offer the best price on quality hand crafted gun cabinets.  All of our gun cabinets are crafted from select hard woods in a style of your choosing.  We include solid hardwood, dovetailed drawers with first quality hardware. We have seen stores that try to emulate what we offer.  In order to get a better price they offer limited selections, cut corners and use particle board and MDF board veneers,  standard varnish finishes, and mass produce the gun cabinets in a factory.  Cutting corners leads to a sub par work which will last a minimal amount of time.  Our pieces are made to last  generations.  We provide a top quality piece that you will be proud to hand down to future generations.

What kind of wood do you offer?
All of our custom gun cabinets and solid wood gun safes are most commonly made out of oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, maple, and quarters sawn oak in your choice of stain colors.  Additional woods such as mahogany, elm, ash, pecan, and others are available, as are a plethora of wormies, spalted, sappy, pecky and other descriptive more figured woods. Each wood offers its own characteristics and has its own palette of colors.  Visit our wood page to get a better idea of the differences between the different type of wood that we offer.  If you have a current piece you are trying to match your new gun cabinet to please let us know the type of wood.  If you are not sure what type of wood it is feel free to send us a photo and we will try to help you figure out what type of wood you have.

How long does it take to have a custom gun cabinet made?
Each piece is handcrafted as it is ordered.  We do not have a warehouse with gun cabinets stacked one on top of the other.  Because of this we do have a bit of construction time involved.  Usually gun cabinets take approximately 10-12 weeks to be handcrafted and then usually about 1 week to be crated and shipped.  Our standard gun cabinets take on average 12-14 weeks to be crafted and then 1 week to be crated and delivered.  We do keep a few gun cabinets on our showroom floor for people to see and view and there are often one or two being finalized for delivery.  If they are not already spoken for they can be purchased and then no waiting time is involved.  With any piece that is custom crafted we do our best to meet and keep track of timelines but we do ask customers realize that timelines to vary due to workloads and family life of our Amish craftsmen.

Do you just make gun cabinets?
Custom gun cabinets and custom gun safes are just one facet of our business.  We work with well over two dozen Amish woodworkers in the Illinois Amish country and can provide any style and type of furniture you are interested in.  In addition to gun cabinets we specialize in tables, chairs, hutches, buffets, beds, dressers, chests of drawers, entertainment center, living room furniture, desks, and office suites customized to meet our clients needs.  If you are interested in other type of furniture please visit our other websites at http://www.woodloft.com or http://www.thevillafurniture.com .