Amish Gun Cabinets in Standard Designs

The Wood Loft and The Villa Amish Custom Furniture also offers a wide assortment of “standard” style gun cabinets that you can from choose from.  If you are searching through our standard gun cabinets and find one that fits your exact needs, we will discuss other options as well as discuss measurement changes that can be made to fit your gun collection needs.  If you have rifles, shot guns, muskets, blunderbusses, swords, or knife collections we are sure we can find, design and build a cabinet that will fit all of your needs.

While we consider most of the gun cabinets below standard style there are quick changes that can be customized on each of the cabinets to make it the perfect piece.  Most of the images below are shown in Oak, one of our most popular woods. However, all of the Amish crafted gun cabinets below can be crafted in red oak, cherry, maple, walnut, quarter sawn white oak, hickory or other American hardwoods.   After the piece is crafted it can then be stained in the color that will fit your current decor or help accent the room you are placing the gun cabinet it.  Other small option choices are the type of lighting and the overall security you are interested in for you collection.

Solid oak double door Amish gun cabinet with locking doors and drawers to help you secure your long gun collection, pistols, and ammunition.  Drawers feature full extension side mound drawer glides to allow use of th entire depth of the solid wood drawer.
Single door solid oak gun cabinet with locking door and two locking drawers.  Can be crafted in oak, cherry, hickory, maple, walnut, or quartersawn white oak.  This small compact gun cabinet comes standard with locking door and drawers.
Double door solid oak gun cabinet with mullioned windows.  Lower gun cabinet base feature dual locking doors and a solid wood adjustable shelf for ammunition storage.  The lower cabinet doors are flush mount with reverse panel for a simple mission look.
Amish Crafted Shaker Mission style gun cabinet with dual locking upper cabinet doors with shaker slat accents.  Lower cabinet features full extension side mounted drawers with dovetailed solid wood contruction.
Amish made shaker mission single door gun cabinet.  These Amish made gun cabinet fit perfectly in locations where space is at a premium.  Both the door and two lower drawers are flush mount and are outfitted with locks that are keyed alike.
Single door gun cabinet with top mount doors and drawers.  Top crown molding features dentil accent.  Gun cabinet interior can be crafted with or without locking wood bars for extra security for your gun collection.  Multiple styles of cabinet hardware available.
Two door and two drawer Amish crafted gun cabinet with locking doors and drawers.  Gun cabinet doors and drawers are both top mount with keyed same locks.  Drawer features full extension side mound glides and dovetailed solid wood construction. Shown in solid red oak hardwood.
Solid cherry shaker mission gun cabinet with double doors and drawers.  Drawers and doors are all flush mound mission style with keyed alike locks.  Gun Cabinet features mission crown molding and shaker mission accent slats on the upper glass doors.
Amish crafted shaker mission corner gun cabinet.  The perfect gun cabinet when wall space is at a premium.  Features single door and and dual flush mount drawers.  All gun cabinet doors and drawers are keyed alike and can be outfitted with LED touch lighting.
Amish crafted solid oak hardwood double door gun cabinet.  All of our corner gun cabinets come standard with locking doors and drawers and can be custom outfitted with locking wooden bars.  Be sure to check out our Amish custom corner gun cabinet with rotisserie for other ideas.
Solid oak hardwood corner gun cabinet with etched glass front.  We offer a wide array of etched glass designs from ducking hunting, to lake scenes, to deer scenery.  Be sure to contact us if you would like to see some of the different styles of etched glass we use on out gun cabinets.
Shaker mission corner gun cabinet crafted out of solid red oak.  This Amish crafted corner gun cabinet features flush mount mission door and drawers.  The upper cabinet doors are accented with shaker mission slats along the upper glass.  The gun cabinet is finished at the top with the clean lines of a mission molding.
This Amish crafted gun cabinet is a combination of classic styling with elements of shaker mission cleanliness.  Both the doors and drawer are top mounted roundover edge.  The upper molding contains dentil molding accents and the upper cabinet doors feature arched top glass.
Amish crafted classic style gun cabinet.  This gun cabinet features raised panel top mount lockable doors and drawers that are all keyed the same for easy access.  The classic top molding comes standard with dentil molding accents.  This cabinet was crafted out of solid red oak but can be made in cherry, maple, walnut, and quarter sawn hardwoods as well.
Solid red oak single door gun cabinet for a clean simple gun cabinet that fits in a smaller space.  This gun cabinet comes in oak, cherry, maple, walnut, or quarter sawn white oak and can be stained is one of our many standard stain colors.
Classic style corner gun cabinet with double door top.  When space it as a premium but you have a larger corner that can be used this cabinet is perfect for those with larger gun collection.  Showcase your long gun and shot guns in a classic style with secure locking doors. 
Solid oak single door gun cabinet with etched glass top door.  This gun cabinet is shown with a deer head etched glass but can be crafted with one of our many different door designs.  Choose from different hunting and outdoor designs to make the gun cabinet fit you current decor perfectly.
Standard style classic corner gun cabinet with double door top and double drawer base.  All doors and drawers and keyed alike for easy access while providing extra security.  This gun cabinet is shown in solid oak with standard top molding and dentil molding accent.
Amish crafted solid oak gun cabinet bookcase.  The front of the cabinet features 3 adjust shelves for book or decoration display.  The lower cabinet feature two raised panel lockable doors.  The back of the cabinet stores a pull out gun rack.
The pull out hidden gun display provides a secure hidden location to store you gun collection or provide access to you for home protection  The pull out features a full extension top and bottom mounts to allow access to the complete pull out for the full use for storage.
The hidden pull out can also be outfitted with out locking bars to provide even more security for your gun collections.  The hidden gun storage is the perfect gun cabinet for clients that want easy access to their gun collection but want to keep their guns out of view.
Solid red oak classic style gun cabinet with arched top glass door. Double doors and double drawers on this Amish gun cabinet are all keyed alike. The upper cabinet comes standard with locking wood bars to prevent your gun collection from being removed.  For added security you can upgrade the lockable wooden bars to our wood clad steel locking bars.
Double door red oak gun cabinet with upper crown molding accents.  Features both dentil molding as well as our Classic top top molding to provide a clean classy look for your gun storage.  The lower cabinet features four lockable drawers for all pistol and ammunition storage.
All of our Amish custom gun cabinets can come with no lighting, standard tube lighting, LED lighting, and Touch on/off LED lighting depending on the style wanted.  Each lighting system will accent you gun collection to create a showpiece you will love to show to friends and family.
Front view of our solid oak corner gun cabinet with duck scene etched glass.  Upper unit feature double locking doors with arched top glass doors.  Lower unit features two lockable drawers.  Doors and drawers are all keyed alike for easy access and extra security.
Angled view of our Amish crafted red oak corner gun cabinet to showcase the wings that come standard with most of our corner cabinets.  The wings angle gracefully back towards the wall to give the gun cabinet a finished appearance and prevent any gaps from showing around the gun cabinet edges.
Solid oak shaker mission corner gun cabinet with double door top cabinet featuring shaker mission slat accents.  The lower gun cabinet comes standard with two lockable base drawers.  Bottom has a soft mission arch and top comes standard with shaker mission crown molding.
Amish crafted shaker mission gun cabinet handcrafted in solid brown maple hardwood  All of our gun cabinets can be custom made in your choice of solid hardwoods such as red oak, walnut, hard maple, and quarter sawn white oak.  We also offer a large assortments of rustic hard woods is each of the wood varieties.
Solid cherry single door gun cabinet with lower display base.  Bother the drawers and both doors on the gun cabinet are keyed alike to provide security for your entire collection.  Bottom of the display top and base can be lined with solid wood, felt, or even genuine premium leather.
Bother the the top display area and the bottom display area on this gun cabinet come standard with lighting.  Lighting can be standard LED with rocker switch or can be upgrades to Touch on/off LED lighting to display both your long guns, shot guns, and pistols.  The bottom drawer is lockable for accessory and ammunition storage.
All of our standard gun cabinets can be outfitted with solid wood security bars that help prevent you long gun collection from being removed from the gun cabinet.  These bars can be upgraded to our wood clad steel bars to provide even more security for you gun cabinet.
Both the wood gun bars and the wood clad steel gun bars in our gun cabinets are placed in two locations to prevent would be thieves from angling your gun to remove them from the cabinet.
In our standard gun cabinet the wood bar is located only of the bottom of the cabinet while your gun barrels are placed through a hole cut along the barrel rest area.
We offer a number of security options for pistols and long guns that can be incorporated in any gun cabinet design. From the locking bars shown here to strong cabinet strength upgrades can deter all but the most determined attacks.

Let us help you get at least part of your collection out of the garage safe and enjoyed in a securely displayed piece of fine furniture.

Call or email us with your ideas!