Amish Custom Gun Cabinet Idea Gallery

Over the years we have made hundreds of different Amish custom crafted gun cabinets and pistol display cases.  We have pretty much done a cabinet in every wood and style we could think of.  And, while we try to take a picture of all of our cabinets sometimes we are not as punctual as we should be and the client either comes to pick up their cabinet or it gets loaded on a truck to be delivered.  There are numerous times we either only get to take a single photo or we miss getting a picture of the gun cabinet altogether.

Below is a short gallery of some of the gun cabinets we managed to snap a photo of before they went home but we didn’t get as many detailed photos as we would like. These shown here can give you a small idea of some of the possible variations available.  Like all of our Amish custom gun cabinet we can alter the dimensions, wood, styles, and stains of any of the cabinets below.  You can choose to have your cabinet made exactly as pictured, you can combine different aspects from multiple gun cabinet pictures or you can design your own gun cabinet.

We encourage you to look through pictures, magazines, websites, or even let you imagination run wild and then Contact Us either through our webform or feel free to give us a ring at 217-543-2766 and we would be more than happy talk guns and to go over different ideas and options with you to help you build the perfect custom gun cabinet you will be proud to display in your home.

 Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-_MG_1309This custom gun cabinet was a wall unit that we were lucky to show off on our showroom floor for a while.  It combined vertical and horizontal gun storage, desk unit area, and all the storage you could want.   It was Amish custom crafted out of solid cherry and accented with premium leather.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_1084These custom gun cabinets were made for brothers that both wanted a gun cabinet and after going over different options finally decided to go for matching 6 long gun cabinets in solid oak.  The only thing they didnt completely agree on was color but every other aspect was identical.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-10gunbirdThis particular custom gun cabinet was a collaboration between a local Amish woodworker and a local English taxidermist.  After completing the complete gun cabinet our taxidermist outfitted the cabinet with a quail diorama in the lower cabinet.  The gun cabinet stored 12 guns and had a location to store 8 pistols or a compound bow.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-Untitled-1These custom gun cabinets were going to the same home but were placed on opposite sides of a fireplace that have different measurements.  So we had the gun cabinets Amish crafted out of solid oak with matching door and drawer styles while trying to keep the overall look to appear like a mirror image in different sizes. 
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_3380This was a smaller 5 gun, table top  pistol display cabinet that the previous customer had crafted to display in his office.  It features the same keyed trigger locks and premium leather backing as the larger cabinet.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_3220This gun cabinet was Amish custom crafted to provide a beautiful cherry look while not sacrificing any security.  The top cabinet was crafted to display 14 pistols each attached to the back with a keyed trigger lock.  The lower cabinet was crafted for 11 long guns with steel backed security bars.  Then the entire back was covered with premium leather.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_3610This client wanted a pretty standard gun cabinet crafted out of solid cherry hardwood and stained in a Michaels cherry stain.  We had the cabinet Amish crafted with raised panel doors and side accents and used a solid wood gun barrel and butt rest.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_1602This simple little beauty was a Amish custom made gun rack we made for a client that planned to store his long gun collection in a reinforced locked closet.  He didn’t require any extra protection but just wanted a simple solid oak stand stained in a fruitwood color.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_3401Now for the customer who has a LARGE collection of pistols we present the Amish custom crafted solid cherry 21 gun pistol display.  It was crafted out of solid cherry hardwood and stained in a Washington Cherry stain and then the back was lined with premium leather.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_3386This customer had a collection of pistols in a variety of barrel lengths.  To accommodate the different barrel lengths and still provide security we had this gorgeous cherry gun cabinet Amish crafted.  The front glass was 1/2 polycarbonate and each of the guns was secured to the back with keyed trigger locks.    The back was lined with premium leather and it was ready to go to its new home.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_3663This Amish custom gun cabinet was crafted for a customer out of solid quarter sawn white oak.  The gun cabinet doors were crafted with mission style arched panel front and sides and outfitted with beveled glass.  The top of the doors and side were accented with shaker mission mullions.  The Cabinet was finished off with LED touch lighting and cylinder locks on each of the doors.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_3762This cherry pistol display was Amish custom crafted with dentil and rope accents along the crown molding and with fluted columns along the side rails.  We lined the cabinet with premium leather and stained the cabinet in Burnt Sugar stain color.  It was shipped to the custom with 10 keyed trigger locks to be installed onsite once the customer chose the pattern he wanted to display his pistols.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-IMG_20130326_162936_251This Amish crafted custom gun cabinet was crafted in a shaker mission style with roundover slap cabinet top, flat panel doors, and flush inset top and bottom doors.  It was crafted out of solid red oak and topcoated to preserve it natural wood appearance.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-IMG_20130504_093804_656This picture showcases a custom made natural oak gun cabinet.  The top of the cabinet featured angled frame with beveled glass, solid wood dentil and rope molding, solid wood side columns, and LED touch lighting.  The lower cabinet featured a angled front flip down lockable glass door for showcasing an antique civil war pistol.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-IMG_20130504_093913_185This gorgeous solid cherry gun cabinet was crafted with 4 lockable storage drawers and a gun cleaning pullout in the lower cabinet.  The top cabinet was custom made with angled frame tempered glass doors, dentil and rope molding, and a bold top crown molding.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-IMG_20130504_094405_921Low base solid cherry gun cabinet with staggered gun butt rests to allow more room for a larger gun collection in a smaller width.  By staggering the butt rests we able to provide storage for approximately 60% more guns in the same width as a standard Amish crafted gun cabinet.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-Untitled-1-(2)This gun cabinet was Amish custom crafted out of solid quarter sawn white oak hard wood and outfitted with a daylight style LED touch lighting.  The daylight style provided a whiter blue LED light accent.  The cabinet was crafted with shaker mission mullions and flush mount top and bottom doors.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-cor-bird-gunThis Amish crafted corner gun cabinet was another collaboration between a local Amish woodworker and our local taxidermist.  We had a chance to show this gun cabinet in our showroom and had numerous variations crafted off of it.  This gun cabinet features 6 mounted quail in a natural setting.  Another variation we made of this cabinet was outfitted with stuffed pheasants.
Amish-Custom-Gun-Cabinet-100_3453Occasionally we have a client that is searching for a more rustic gun cabinet.  Almost all of our Amish custom made gun cabinets can be crafted out of clean cut solid hardwoods and rustic hardwoods.  The rustic version of the hardwood will usually have more knots and blemishes in the wood giving it a rustic appearance.

More recently we have available a much larger selection of rustic, knotty, wormy, spalted, and sappy wood species beyond the common clear oak, cherry, maple and walnuts of the past.

As you can see, there are a lot of unique ways we can help you display your long gun and pistol collections with quality, solid wood furniture.

Look thru the rest of our site for more ideas – or – call or email us and we’d be glad to help with your plans.