Amish Custom Gun Cabinet with Safe

Quite a bit of the time at the Woodloft we have customers that require a Amish custom gun cabinet to be beautiful and completely secure.  This client wanted to be able to be able to display his entire collection of guns with a glass front but wanted not only locking gun cabinet doors to prevent small hands or fingerprints from getting on his collection but also steel locking bars to prevent would be thieves from taking his long gun collection.  He also wanted a way to prevent anyone from accessing any pistols or ammunition that he kept in his gun safe.

After quite a bit of discussion we designed a gorgeous Amish custom made walnut gun cabinet with dual locking doors with laminated glass.  Next we took steel bars and wrapped them in walnut to completely encircle the guns in two locations that was bolted to the back all but could also be bolted to the customers wall stubs if he chose to do so.  In the lower gun cabinet we placed a steel double keyed door with two full extension pull out drawer located behind the door for easy storage of small firearms, ammunition, or other valuables in a safe secure manner.

Front view of our Amish custom crafted walnut gun cabinet with dual locking steel bars, locking front doors with laminated glass, lockable gun cabinet base with gun safe.
Close up of the beautiful walnut ship lap back of the custom gun cabinet.  The locking steel gun bars were placed at heights that would allow the display of all of the clients gun collection but still would prevent a long gun from being removed without first unlocking the walnut clad steel bars.
All of the drawers on this custom gun cabinet feature full extensions drawer glides and are crafted with solid wood dovetailed construction.
The lower lower gun safe door also came Amish crafted with two full extension drawers that were concealed behind a dual lock steel door.
The top drawer featured a waist level full extension pull out cleaning and firearm assembly shelf.  We lined the shelf with genuine premium leather to protect any pistols or long guns from getting scratched during the cleaning process.
Each of the drawer was lined with crushed felt to help protect firearms and ammunition from scratching or dings while also helping wick oils and moisture away from the firearm to help prevent corrosion.
All of the drawers and doors are Amish crafted out of solid wood and stained to match furniture our client already had in the room.  Since he wanted a clean look for his custom gun cabinet we crafted the doors with a flat panel front and the drawer and doors were all flush mounted.
The doors were both crafted with locks as well as had a hidden gun safe behind all with full extension dovetailed drawers to allow easy access to the full drawers to store pistols and ammunition.
The locking bar located in the top section of the custom gun cabinet was placed at a height that would allow shotgun with full tubes to fit comfortable underneath.   It was notched in close enough to the barrel rest to prevent gun from being removed.
To add some accents to the upper section of the custom gun cabinet we outfitted the cabinet with dentil molding and rope molding along the top cabinet molding.  After seeing some of our other custom gun cabinets the customer also chose to include fluted column accents along the side rails.
The locking gun bar was actually constructed with a steel bar that was custom crafted with a cylinder lock.  The steel bar was then lined with felt and clad in solid wood to match the rest of the gun cabinet.
Each of the top doors featured matched key cylinder locks located at both the top of the door and on the bottom to help prevent the doors of the custom gun cabinet from being wedged open.
This barrel rest, like most of our custom gun cabinets, was lined with hand double stitched premium leather in the color of our clients choice.  The leather not only provides a beautiful finished accent but helps protect the gun barrels from being damaged.
Shot of the wood clad steel frame that encircles the upper barrel rests. Once the front steel bar in placed into the notch and locked on the opposite of the gun cabinet the gun are safely secured into the cabinet.
To help protect the gun butts we lined the butt rests with matching genuine leather.
The back of the gun cabinet was crafted with solid wood ship lapping.  All of our custom gun cabinets can be Amish made with ship lap backs, bead  board backs, or solid wood panels depending on our customers preference.
The front doors on the upper unit of the gun cabinet was wood framed laminated glass.  The laminated glass provides extra security over standard plate glass.  Some clients even request 1/2″ polycarbonate to prevent the glass from being smashed in.
After we completed the Amish custom gun cabinet we had to get the ok from our resident gun cabinet canine critic, Loki.  Once he checked it out we contacted the customer and got it sent on its way to its new home.