Cherry Wood Grain and Stain Colors

Cherry wood can make some of the finest furniture around. Cherry finishes up smooth to the touch. We offer a number of varieties of cherry wood in our gun cabinets including clear cherry, “rustic” cherry which has  small filled knots and areas of swirley grain, Sappy cherry with more color variation as it includes larger areas of the whiter sap wood. If these variations have interest we can send pictures of the wood variations for your consideration.

All of these varieties can actually be prettier if you appreciate the natural beauty of wood. Additionally this beauty comes at a lower price point due to more effective utilization of the whole tree. Less waste… we save… you save!

CHERRY – Stain Colors (Category 1)

Cherry – Aged Color (Category 3 10-Sheen)

Cherry – Aged Color (Category 4)

Cherry – Aged Color (Category 4 10-Sheen)

 Rustic vs Clear – straight grains with no knots vs some more grain patter and a few tight knots. The swirly grain areas usually take the stain a bit more adding more toning to the finished item.  quater-sawn-vs-clear
 While we can apply many other stains or match your existing woodwork, these are some of our most common colors we have call for on our Amish Crafted gun cabinets.

Keep in mind that colors often show up differently from computer to computer. If you select a couple of choices we will send actual wood blocks to look over.  While wood species and the grain choice is an important early selection in deciding on a custom gun cabinet as it effects the look and to some extent the cost, colors can be selected later in the process.