Quarter Sawn White Oak Stain Color and Grain

An Amish crafted custom gun cabinet made in quarter sawn white oak will be a strong statement of quality. Quarter sawn white oak is a preferred wood in mission styled cabinetry. Due to the yield loss in the quartering cutting process that produces the unique ray flecks and the selection of only the straightest grained boards, this is traditionally a premium priced wood. However, today we offer “rustic” quarter sawn white oak, which while it is produced in the same fashion, a few more knotty areas and wilder grain spots are retained, increasing the yield and lowering the costs over traditional clear quarter sawn.

In fact, we, and many of our customers find the increased “natural beauty” to be a plus. The added grain figuring really makes a beautiful gun cabinet at an affordable price.

QUARTER SAWN WHITE OAK – Stain Colors (Category 1)

While we can apply many other stains or match your existing woodwork, these are some of our most common colors we have call for on our Amish Crafted gun cabinets.

Rustic Quarter Sawn vs traditional clear quarter sawn white oak.

Rustic woods include some tight knots and some additional swirly grain that usuall goes in the scrap heap when cutting for the clear, traditional wood. This additional yield can significantly lower the cost of the base lumber. In our opinion, it also bring some additional “natural beauty” into the final build.


Keep in mind that colors often show up differently from computer to computer. If you select a couple of choices we will send actual wood blocks to look over.  While wood species and the grain choice is an important early selection in deciding on a custom gun cabinet as it effects the look and to some extent the cost, colors can be selected later in the process.